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10 Best Auto Clicker Apps 2021 for Android

Are you still figuring out the best auto clicker? Well, we have got your back! In this post, post we have featured a handpicked list of 10 best auto clickers to try in 2021 & beyond. Before moving further, lets throw some light into what auto clicker is?

An auto clicker is robust software that helps in automating the clicking. The user can easily trigger an auto clicker to get the input from the current settings or by earlier recorded settings. It automates the simple process of mouse clicking and frees the user from repetitive clicking.

The user can repeatedly tap at any location with any specified interval. There are simple as well as complex auto clickers, where simple ones just automate regular clicking and the complex ones are custom-made to be used with specific programs. Let’s get staright into the list.

List of Best Auto Clicker Apps 2021

  1. Automatic Clicker

Automatic Clicker is a free and one of the primitive auto clicker software. It works exceptionally well on full-screen applications and is ideal for gamers who require quick, accurate, and continuous taps. It is a robust application that lets the users target a specific location on screen which is to be tapped at regular intervals. The gamers love it because it allows them to remain active without actually being there. Its auto tap feature is easy to set up, and the user can fix a location on the screen that needs to be tapped at defined time gaps.

Pricing : The version 7.0 and above are free. Apart from this, Automatic Clicker also proffers a Pro version and an ad-free version.

Pros and Cons


  • This software can work on both web and mobile games
  • You can customize this software
  • You can make it click on any part of screen
  • Its user interface is amicable


  • The free version has ads in it
  • Sometimes, the application force closes
  • It files complaints about bugs

2. AutoInput

AutoInput is a fantastic auto clicker application, especially for users who do not have root access to Android smartphones. This application lets the users automate several functions without requiring them to tap the screen. It also offers multiple tools to start automation on Android smartphones. AutoInput can work only if the Android phone has the Tasker app installed. After installing, you can now use AutoInput the full version.

Pros and Cons


  • It has many automation features
  • The paid version is robust and reliable.
  • It is ideal for users with no root access to their Android device


  • It reports several bugs
  • There are fewer features in the free version
  • Support from third-party application is needed

Pricing : It offers a Free version and a paid version.

3. Tapping

If you are looking for the most straightforward application then Tapping is for you. It comes in two versions — Basic and Pro Edition. The basic version comes with no cost, whereas for pro edition, you need to pay a subscription fee to avail of many other features. This app gets updated at regular intervals, and once installed on your Android device, you need to grant it the accessibility to let it make clicks or taps.

Tapping is very user-friendly and has detailed configuration settings to match the user requirements. It is a dream come true for all the gamers as it has accurate and fast taps. It has interval functionality, multiple pointers, a moveable control panel, and much more.

Pros and Cons


  • The control panel offers excellent control to the users
  • It is the best auto clicker tool for iPhone
  • The user interface is clean and comfortable to modify


  • The free version comes with some limitations

Pricing : Tapping offers two versions — Basic version (free of cost) and Pro Edition (requires subscription fee of $5.99).

4. RepetiTouch Pro (Root)

RepetiTouch Pro is an excellent application that allows automated clicks and, at the same time, records the number of screen touched by the user. You can modify and drag its control panel. The user needs to root his Android device to enable this application to work on it. After rooting, the user can configure and alter all the earlier (before root) features not approved by default. The rooting process makes the user the master of all the fantastic features and can make changes as per requirements.

Pros and Cons


  • Its control panel is floating and easily controllable
  • It also records the screen touches by the user


  • The user needs to root the device

Pricing : It offers a free trial of the product. The two versions it offers are — Free, limited version and Pro Version.

5. MacroDroid

MacroDroid is the best auto clicker application with unique features and more than a hundred pre-programmed actions. As the name suggests, it is a macro-based auto-clicker tool that allows tapping and lets the user automate some operations on their Android device. Its interface is very user-friendly and easy to use and works amazingly well with certain complicated functions. The gamers love this application as it automates internet connectivity, battery optimization and creates sound profiles. Etc.

Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is comfortable and clean
  • It handles a majority of the automation actions
  • It comes with an extensive range of preloaded actions


  • It is a bit tedious to carry out the installation

Pricing : It offers a Free version as well as the unlimited Pro version.

6. AnkuLua

AnkuLua is the ideal application for gamers who do not want to go through the tiring process of clicking. It is a script-based auto-clicker and does not require any coding from the user’s side. Here, the user has to run the scripts to make the program run on an Android device. The user records the actions, sets certain conditions, and runs the hand. Its basic edition comes for free, and the pro edition offers robust features. It also comes with some advanced functions and features like time interval clicking and drag-and-drop functionality.

Pros and Cons


  • This application requires no coding
  • It has an easy-to-use recording feature
  • Its developer team is active and trusted in the community
  • This application works superbly with most of the games and apps


  • The free, basic version allows the running of only one script

Pricing : It offers a free version and a Pro version that offers more features.

7. Automate

The Automate is an auto-clicker application based on the flowchart. Here, the user needs to set a flow of blocks to carry out specific actions on an Android device. Here, each block is shown visually in a flowchart diagram. The user can schedule a click to automate some features. Its free version is available without ads and allows the user to set 30 blocks. It also lets you perform second-layer functions like launching an app, performing a role within the app, etc. Its in-app community is supportive and active.

Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is neat and easy to use
  • The in-built building blocks give more possibilities for automation


  • Some users faced the problem of app close forcing itself

Pricing : This software offers a free version and a premium version.

8. Automagic

Another excellent auto-clicker application that also uses the flowcharts like Automate is Automagic. These flowcharts consist of triggers, conditions, and actions. When you grant access to this application on your Android device, it lets the features authorize user-interface for the screen content. The users can easily set the flow of the actions and let the application handle the rest. Gamers love such applications as they make their tasks very easy.

Pros and Cons


  • Since the flow is represented graphically, it gets easy to visualize and edit the whole sequence of automated actions


  • Sometimes this application does not detect Wi-Fi connections

Pricing : It offers a free trial to the users. The paid version comes with robust features.

9. Hiromacro Auto-touch Macro

If you’re looking for an easy to download app then Hiromacro Auto-touch Macro should suffice your purpose. This app requires rooting the Android device and lets the user record numerous taps. This information can also be viewed later, repeatedly. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a good user experience. To enable this application’s robust and powerful features, the user can use an easy scripting language.

Pros and Cons


  • This a simple to use application and is ideal for amateur users
  • The gamers who want a simple auto-clicker app will love this application


  • It requires root access
  • The developer team of this application is not active

Pricing : This software is available free of cost.

10. Droid Automation

Droid Automation is a decent auto-clicking tool and also allows performing different automation. It has fewer in-built tasks, and the users can build triggers and then select many different functions from their fully stacked library. It works all good with games and lets the gamers automate continuous taps in their games.

Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is neat and easy to use
  • It is a decent application for gamers and people who are looking for automation


  • It could have imporve the user experience

Pricing : Droid Automation software is free to download.


So this is our handpicked list of best Auto Clicker apps. There are several such applications, as discussed above, that provide the auto-clicking functionality along with other automation features for the Android device. These applications support multiple click points and various swipes. They also let you import or export automatic scripts. Choose the one that suits your requirements and sit back and relax. Let the auto-clicker handle the rest.


Q1. What is an OP Auto Clicker?

An OP auto clicker is a relauble auto clicker with two auto-clicking methods — clicking at a dynamic area or a specified area. It lets you automate the mouse clicks and then download.

Q2. What is a protected auto clicker?

Some forms of these auto-clicker programs require access to the computer. The GS Auto Clicker lets you automatically click and thus requires your mouse’s control. It is not a harmful program.

Q3. Is AutoClicker EXE safe?

AutoClicker.exe records mouse inputs and consoles, screen applications, and controls various projects. Its security level is 49%.

Q6. What is jitter clicking?

Jitter Clicking is a technique that allows the gamers to tap the mouse rapidly, then do the standard clicking.

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